Paradigm Studio Synopses of Current Projects

1. Wallflower
2. Fortune Hunters
3. Icons Among Us®: earth shakers
4. Speaking of Dogs™


(independent full-length feature film)

A feature-length motion picture interpretation of an event that shocked the city of Seattle and the worldwide rave community. It travels into the turmoil of the so-called "Capitol Hill Massacre" that resulted in the murders of six people at an after hours house party.

Our story is populated with rich characters that will engage curiosity and draw the audience into their flamboyant lifestyles and the pursuit of joyful sensations. At the open, we experience the tragic outcome and then deliberately move back in time to the all-ages dance party and across the fateful arc of the late night gathering.

At its core, the story explores the collapse of reason of the perpetrator Kyle Huff. The film navigates into the forces of alienation and isolation. Yet it also reveals survivor Strobe Rainbow's inner strength in returning to the scene of the tragedy. It is a film that opens the door to questions surrounding personal fears and our ability to face unwelcome memories.

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Fortune Hunters

(independent full-length feature film based on the short produced by Paradigm Studio)

To escape working at his Dad's fortune cookie factory, Arthur Yu has spent his life preparing for law school. On the day of college graduation, Arthur opens a letter. He breathes a sigh of relief as he reads: "Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Washington School of Law."

Arthur's white girlfriend, Megan, has news of her own: She's landed a job at the Shanghai Museum of Art ... and has a ticket to China at the end of the summer. For Megan, it's dream come true, a chance to explore a new country and make use of her Chinese Art History degree. Who knew?

But Megan's dream is Arthur's nightmare. Faced with choosing between love and career, Arthur does the sensible thing -- he dumps Megan.

Arthur's Dad breathes a sigh of relief. He knew his son's relationship was doomed from the start. After all, differences with his ex-wife split them apart, and she was merely Korean American, not white. If a Chinese American can't make it work with a Korean American, what chance does his son have with a white girl?

Arthur goes back to work for one last summer before law school, writing fortunes at Dad's factory. He takes out his frustrations with fortunes like: "Hundreds of guys will soon be banging your ex'" and "Confucius say: you will die alone." The unfortunate cookies are sent out into the world with disastrous results, causing couples to break up and sparking Megan to show Arthur what he'll be missing. Will he embrace the power of fate and fortune in time to win Megan?

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Icons Among Us® earth shakers

(multi-part television series and feature length film)

This trans-media platform will document the clean technology and energy movement through the words of today's most compelling scientists, activists, philosophers and business people.

In personalizing stories by way of revealing the character development of those who have spent years reflecting upon, teaching about and enacting solutions to problems ranging from climate change, to energy generation, to species extinction. We will highlight the modification of consumer behaviors, practices and beliefs that lead to cultural transformation.

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Speaking of Dogs™

(episodic television series)

The gap between humans and the animal kingdom is the widest it has ever been; and yet the degree to which we bond with our pets as family members continues to intensify. Our desire to live closely with dogs is complicated by our relative inability to connect with our natural instincts, creating a life with them that is both remarkably beautiful and incredibly troubled.

SPEAKING OF DOGS™ illuminates the common ground we still share, and all the ways that our powerful connection manifests in today's world. In many ways, dogs have helped us evolve away from a wild existence. Now perhaps they can help us re-connect with our best instincts, and continue to remind us that our behavior speaks directly to the quality of the world we inhabit.

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Meg, a wilderness nurse, and her daughter - Becky, 12 - are recovering from the disappearance of Abby - Becky's twin sister - five years prior. They've returned to Ketchikan, Alaska to start over and find a connection to their shrouded Native ancestry. They're both haunted by frequent and troubling visions of Abby. Meg deals with them by administering steady doses of anti-anxiety meds to Becky and herself.

The morning after an exceptionally disturbing vision, Meg is directed by her superior, Lita to evaluate a tuberculosis outbreak in a remote Native fishing village on Matlox Island . Meg resists, unwilling to leave Becky. Lita offers to take care of her - but after Becky violently lashes out at Lita, Meg accepts the mission - bringing Becky along.

Lita sends them out to the island on a derelict fishing vessel. They arrive the next morning, only to find the village abandoned. Later that night, the boat is wrecked in a violent storm. Meg and Becky are stranded on a desolate part of the island, where they encounter Walter, a Native man who agrees to take them to the other side where they can make a call for help. They trek through the rainforest - Becky suddenly ill - Meg in withdrawal.

Their journey descends underground into a vast series of tunnels - through a mountain - where they face waking visions of Abby. On the other side, they emerge into the light and discover the hollow - a place thick with ancestral spirits. When Lita roars overhead in a bush-plane, Walter warns them she's not what she seems, claiming she has a self-serving plan to decimate the island. Meg and Becky must decide if they can trust him - or Lita.

After Walter shares a potent family ritual, they decide to push on together. Soon after, they are separated, and Becky passes through the final threshold in a transformation to inherit the shamanic power of their family bloodline.

Meg and Becky finally confront sorrow, regret and their deepest fears of losing each other when Lita summons T S O N O Q U A from ancient slumber. Becky's acceptance of her supernatural inheritance gives them the power to survive and discover the ancestry they've never known. Meg's strength frees her from the past and awakens her to the love she has, deep in her blood. Lita is destroyed in the surge of awakening leaving the people of the tribe to start a new beginning.

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