John Comerford is President of PARADIGM STUDIO, an independent film and television production company based in the Pacific Northwest. Recently, he completed a documentary film series entitled Icons Among UsUs®: jazz in the present tense that is being distributed by The Documentary Channel, Indiepix, Cinetic/FilmBuff™ and Mercury Media International. The trans-media platform is an entertainment partnership with DonQ Rum in association with Rums of Puerto Rico. The next step for the Icons Among Us® brand will be Icons Among Us®: the eco evolution, a branded entertainment series that profiles thought leaders in the field of environmental sustainability. Current feature film projects include: T S O N O Q U A, a supernatural thriller spun out of the mythologies of the Pacific Northwest indigenous tribes, Fortune Hunters, a contemporary breakthrough romantic comedy based on the globally distributed short film and Wallflower, a story based on actual events that culminated in great loss of life surrounding Seattle's rave music scene.

Mr. Comerford co-wrote and co-produced the award-winning Around the Fire (Giffoni Film Festival, Best Picture), which has been distributed worldwide. The picture is a music-driven drama, centered on issues of adolescence. Distributors and exhibitors of Mr. Comerford's work have included Showtime, Starz/Encore, Comcast, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Cannes Film Market, AFI Fest, Seattle International Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, South By Southwest Film Festival and EuroArts. In addition, his work has been exhibited and supported by institutions such as The Smithsonian, Jazz at Lincoln Center, President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities and presented at famed motion picture theaters such as Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California as part of The American Film Institute's opening night festivities.

Mr. Comerford is involved in the dynamic music community of Seattle and is a board member of LIQUID CITY RECORDS. He has executive produced two avant-garde jazz albums -- the Living Daylights third album, Electric Rosary (****, Downbeat Magazine), and Zony Mash's Live in Seattle -- as well as a number of other recordings including Grammy®: nominated jazz artist Jovino Santos Neto's Coboclo.

Mr. Comerford attended The University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated with a dual degree in psychology and film studies where he was guided by experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage and documentarian Jerry Aronson. Community involvement is also an important element of Mr. Comerford's work. He is an architect of The Washington State Motion Picture Competitiveness Program that was recently renewed at the 30% rebate level and was named to the state's Film Task Force while currently serving his second term on the Board of Directors of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).


Writer, Producer, and Production Manager B Dahlia has been working with Paradigm Studio for over a decade. He was Production Manager and Associate Producer of the Studio's critically acclaimed feature film and four-part series Icons Among UsUs®: jazz in the present tense, and played vital roles throughout the pre-production, field-production, post production and marketing/distribution of the project. He is still involved in the Icons franchise and looks forward to the upcoming Jazz Archive project, as well as the brand's next installment: Icons Among UsUs®: earth shakers.

Recently, Mr. Dahlia has been working to advance several independent projects. He spent much of the recent summer Directing and Co-Producing acquisition and editorial for Moontown Foundation's documentary production Storm Surge, a look at the incredible resiliency of survivors of epic disasters. He has continued to collaborate with Storm Surge Cinematographer Joshua Guerci, recently crafting a short film for Seattle's Harvest Vine restaurant: Padron Peppers. Mr. Dahlia also signed on to help Riley Morton and Nils Cowan produce Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington State, a documentary following the campaigns for and against Initiative 502.

With a background in writing, psychology, communications and media studies, Mr. Dahlia has played an important role in the Studio's growth and success. His work on Icons Among Us, from a production standpoint and in terms of promotion, marketing and distribution, was considerable. He took the lead in artist-relations for the film, working with talent ranging from Esperanza Spalding to Donald Harrison to Herbie Hancock. He also authored the "monumental" Study and Discussion Guide that accompanies the series in it's Educational Release; worked closely with IndiePix Films on the final design and presentation of the release; and managed several years of domestic and international festival presentations, including screenings at Berkelee College of Music, Monterey Jazz Festival, and the Smithsonian Institution. He served as Post Production Coordinator for John W. Comerford and Tommy Rosen's freshman feature film, Around the Fire . During the shooting of Around the Fire in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mr. Dahlia remained in Seattle managing Paradigm Studio and working on Hidden Medicines, a documentary of alternative care practitioners and their clients in Washington State.

B Dahlia co-founded WHIRLED RECORDS, which has since become LIQUID CITY RECORDS, with artist/producer Chris Chappell, and co-produced the label's first commercial release. He has continued to be an active participant in the evolving music scene in Seattle, working with artists and advising local clubs and production companies. He is also a professional stagehand, and has worked load-in, show call, and load out for artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Rammstein to Snow Patrol.

Mr. Dahlia attended Seattle Central Community College, University of California at Berkeley, and Antioch University Seattle, where he completed his degree in Psychology and Communications. He is a regular volunteer with the Seattle International Film Festival and is active in the Northwest cycling community.

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